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Frequently Asked Questions

The technology behind cleaning has changed a lot in the last 5-10 years. It’s not enough for your janitor to just make things look nice. We go much deeper to remove the maximum amount of dirt and kill germs at each cleaning, creating a healthier work environment.

Germs are everywhere, and you cannot see or smell them. While most germs are harmless, some can make people sick. Viruses cause illnesses such as cold and flu. Bacteria are found on almost every surface and can cause infections and illness. Fungus and mold live in warm, moist areas such as showers, restrooms, kitchens and near windows. They can cause skin infections and breathing problems.

Cross-contamination is spreading germs from one part of the facility to another. For example, if you clean the toilets with a cloth, then use the same cloth to clean the kitchen tables, you could spread germs from the restroom to the kitchen. Another common source of cross-contamination in office cleaning services is mopping. If you dip a string mop into a bucket of water that is dirty from use in another area, then you continue to spread germs from floor to floor.

Microfiber towels might look like regular towels, but they’re not. If you looked at them closely with a microscope, you’d see channels that have the amazing ability to grab and hold dirt, germs, and water. Microfiber is available in many colors. We use specific colors for specific cleaning tasks to prevent cross-contamination.

Size of your facility, frequency of service, complexity, building layout and your specific cleaning needs are a few factors that affect pricing of commercial cleaning services. Basic service for a small office once or twice a week can range from about $140 to $250 per month. Basic service for a larger facility can range from about $700 to thousands of dollars per month. Special services, such as cleaning carpets, buffing or refinishing floors, or window washing, are offered at rates competitive in your market.

One of our representative will discuss your expectations, priorities and budget, then measure your cleanable square footage and review the condition and layout of your facility. Using that information the consultant will create a proposal and service plan for you. Be wary of janitors who give you a price without seeing your facility and talking with you about your needs.

A basic or “regular” commercial cleaning program includes dusting and wiping, vacuuming, mopping, restroom disinfection and trash removal. Your service plan can be customized to meet your needs. If your facility needs extra services, you can supplement your office cleaning program with carpet cleaning, hard floor care, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, event cleanup and other specialty services.

Your facility will be cleaned by a local, bonded and insured member of our team who have been trained and certified to deliver premium quality services.

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